Ratne Research News Highlights
  • To date, Ratne Research has produced over 21 different fonts faces of Aadarsha Ratne family of fonts. This may be viewed in Products and Download pages.

  • In year 2006 Assam Association Delhi has inaugurated their multimillion Rupees guest house Sankaradeva Bhawan and they used very first version of Ratne family of scripts Aadarsha Ratneswar to design their Gate in stainless steel. In an email they say, "We wanted to immortalise your first release" - see photos and more Sankaradeva Bhawan Main Entrance.

  • In year 2005, Kamrupi scrips set has been developed, see Kamrupi scripts.

  • From time to time Aadarsha Ratne fonts family has been in the newspapers. An Assamese daily newspaper Amar Asam covered Aadarsha Ratne scripts project on from page in year 2000, see Amar Asam news article.

Now that Aadarsha Ratne family of fonts are popular around the world and there appears to be potential market, Ratne Research is looking for investors. Interested parties are welcome to contact Ratne Research.