Very first Aadarsha Ratneswar on Sankaradeva Bhawan Delhi

Sankaradeva Bhavan Delhi main-gate design uses Aadarsha Ratneswar the very first version of Aadarsha Ratne family of the scripts.
(a) see HIGH RES 1.41 MB
(b) see HIGH RES 795 KB

Upon receiving first photo on 6 May 2006 from Assam Association Delhi Ratne script developer wrote same day:

This looks great!

  • Is this a permanent display?
  • If so wondering how you designed to that big size?
    It looks to be over six feet long! 
I would like to thank you for using "aadarsha Ratneswar" font face - this was the very first release.

Then Assam Association Delhi replied back on 7 May 2006:

We wanted to immortalise your first release. The letters are cut on Stainless steel. These days CNC machines can enlarge printouts and cut it automatically. This is a permanent display and will remain forever, unless someone pulls it down. The photo was taken at night. We will take some photos during the day today. It looks better during day time.

Above, photo (b) was taken during the day while photo (a) was taken at night.